Truly Yours Earrings

De Moda by Adiva Divine 

Wear Your Identity

An embodiment of your identity, a reflection of your beauty, De Moda by Adiva Divine is inspired by the youth and freshness of the modern lady. De Moda possesses strands of style, from ornate to simple, from cheeky to sweet. Whatever your style, De Moda pieces will drape elegantly on you with that spin of pizazz giving the final perfect touch of charm to any outfit. Discover yourself, discover your style, discover De Moda.

Truly Yours Earrings

For that everyday dazzle, De Moda is a line of quality yet affordable fashion accessories for the young woman.

Expressions by De Moda

It’s your time. Be who you want to be.

She’s smart, she’s fun, she’s daring but sometimes she’s sensitive, she’s caring and she’s quiet. She’s us. ‘Expressions’ by De Moda understands how to bring out the beauty and charm in the many facets of a woman whose life is a fusion of emotions, dreams and desires. ‘Expressions’ is her best friend, making her feel and look her best.

She’s still learning and growing but feels on top of the world, she is tough but sensitive, adventurous but loyal, a go-getter and a sweetheart. She loves and wants to be loved.

These are her Expressions

Truly Yours Earrings

As blue as the sky and as captivating as the sea the checker-cut Swarovski crystals blended with Pink Gold of the Truly Yours Set reflects sharpness and brilliance, power and prestige.

Content Costume Jewellery – Pink Gold Plated 0.5 Micron
Crystal  Swarovski (Crystal,Aqua, Air Blue Opal)
Width & Height 1.50 x 2.90 cm
Weight 9.23 g