Amezcua E-Guard Maroon

The Amezcua E-Guard is a unique wellness solution that provides protection for your body from the harmful effects of electro-smog exposure from mobile phones, computers, laptops, and televisions. Your E-Guards go wherever you go by discreetly attaching to your electronic devices. Thus the Amezcua E-Guard will not only help those affected by electro-sensitivities, but also act as a preventative measure for your future protection.

e-guard maroon

Protect Yourself. Balance Your Energy. Reduce Your Stress.

Amidst the dynamics of the modern world a healthy body requires a lot of time and attention. Taking reasonable precautions is an important day-to-day thought for us all. The Amezcua E-Guard acts as in assistance to those already affected by harmful e-smog as well as providing a preventative measure for vital protection to the body. Combining two pioneering technologies in one single chip, the Amezcua E-Guard works well with the characteristics of quartz minerals that helps absorb various radiation patterns and transform these into frequencies that are more compatible with biological systems.  An energetic value is additionally integrated into the Amezcua E-Guard to subtly transmit positive information maintaining the well-being of our body.
With its easy-to-use design, attaching the Amezcua E-Guard to your everyday electronic devices allows you to take preventative action by engaging, activating and supporting your own body’s natural defenses and energy systems. Your protection goes wherever you go!

  • Protect yourself from the negative effects caused by electromagnetic radiation (e-smog).
  • Activate and support your body`s natural defences and energy systems.
  • Feel more focused and more energised.
  • Receive the positive informational effects and energy increases everytime your E-Guard comes into contact with your skin.

*As confirmed by Dr med. Manfred Deopp of the Holistic Center of Energy Medicine, Germany.

*The indicated symptoms may vary based upon individual and may not be a direct result of exposure to electromagnetic fields

Description          Aluminium Chip with Laser Engravings
Diameter              250 mm
Quantity               Seven (7) E-Guards per pack

      • There are seven E-Guards in total in every Amezcua E-Guard pack. Due to the varying radiation emissions of different electronic devices,
         it is recommended to use:

One (1) E-Guard for a mobile phone

Two (2) E-Guards for computers or laptops

Four (4) E-Guards for televisions (small)

• Clean and dry the surface of your device before attaching the Amezcua E-Guards.

• Peel off the backing of the adhesive sticker and attach the Amezcua E-Guard to your mobile phone, computer or laptop, and television.

The E-Guard stays effective for a long period of time:

• Portable mobile phone (1 chip): 2-3 Years
• Computers or Laptops (2 chips): 3-4 Years
• Televisions (4 chips): 5-6 Years